Steganos VPN Online Shield Premium

Steganos VPN Online Shield Premium
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Install and surf anonymously - it couldn't be easier.
Quickly and easily preserve your digital freedom - because it's your right:
Don't let anyone spy on you and monitor and track your online behavior.

Videos from all over the world

Surf free and uncensored! - Finally access blocked videos and websites worldwide. And yes, it's legal.


Surf without borders

Access your favorite websites even from abroad. Steganos VPN Online ShIeld automatically selects the best connection for you.


Secure WiFi everywhere

Your connection is encrypted with the highly secure 256-bit AES method - even in public hotspots.


Invisible on the net

It's your right: don't let anyone spy on you. Steganos VPN Online Shield hides your IP address.


Surf securely

Whether bank data or passwords - data theft is not okay! Steganos VPN Online Shield protects you while surfing the Internet.


Also for downloads

Unlike other programs, Steganos VPN Online Shield protects your IP address not only in the browser, but also for downloaders.


For every browser

No matter if you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or something else entirely. Steganos VPN Online Shield works with any browser.


Server locations worldwide

Not all web content is available to all users worldwide. Choose your IP location from a pool of numerous server locations worldwide and bypass country blocks and censorship.




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